help you

@ your business

@ your marketing/sales

@ your affiliate programs

@ many internet services

@ your games


and doing NOTHING else?

If you try to guess HOW, the answer is simple.

By giving 25%-50% of your computer power to mine cryptos... BUT with a SIGNIFICANT and POWERFUL twist you didn't see anywhere else !!!

ARE you interested

to know more about the service?

Buy without ... money !!

Start using the computing power of your computer as a currency to "pay" for services and goods

Old computers can still mine and get services like ads

more powerul service subscriptions and goods !!!

The more people they're interested, the more we can offer !!!

No more wallets risks and transaction fees. With Mining you will always Gain and avoid any other "pain"

If you try to mine with your computer you would get a few cents / USD per month.

This money balance is not capable to buy you anything. For example an i9-10850K working 24/7 makes about $5.45 per month minining coins based on CPU power. An old Intel i3-2120 will make 0.30 USD max (cents) but still, even with this computer you will get free ad.

If you do want to make money you need to invest a lot of them to :

1. Multiple Graphic cards (GPU) that boosted their price because of reduced productivity due to covid

2. ASIC miners (dedicated machines for mining). Very expensive machines were built for this task. Their cost start from thousands of USD and the electrical power is more than 2 heavy duty air-conditions for each one.

Even if you do have the capital and want to invest in GPUs or ASIC miners, you have serious chances to NEVER get your money back, because of the electricity and the difficulty factor (algorithmic calculations that the coins need to have, and is increased in difficulty as the coin network increase over time).

SO NOW you may start wondering HOW you can benefit from it and what solution we can provide. To the "puzzle" we will add that has nothing to do with current ordinary solutions that you may saw so far. It's not browser mining or doing any weird job...